FibroTech Basic Light / fine WHITE PAINTED 600 × 1200 mm



FibroTech Basic (wood wool 1.5 mm) 25 mm plate thickness of 5 mm. fas

Dimension: 600 × 1200 mm

M2 / plate:

- 0.72 (600 × 1200 mm)

Tun no. 1838883

Number / pll .: 80

Price: Pr. panel

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Get white ceilings at the best prices at FibroTech. Our acoustic ceilings create great acustics. You can feel the difference.

FibroTech's acoustic ceilings are simply made of cement and wood wool. We use the finest white cement from Aalborg Portland. This composition has many unique advantages – including noise reduction, sound insulation, acoustic control and a healthy indoor climate. Furthermore, it has an effective fire protection. Pick and choose between our wide range of acoustic panels, which is available in all dimensions, with different edges and in many colors.


Great acoustics

Acoustic panels from FibroTech gives the room excellent acoustics with dimmed reverberation.
Therefore, our products are especially suitable for sheating of ceilings – vaulted or not – offices, halls, sports halls, garages, stabels and hard-floor-rooms.


100 % natural

Our panels are made of 100 % natural products, wood and cement, which combines building strength with natural properties.

Acoustic panels will not only create a comfortable sound environment, they will create a better indoor climate too.


Effecient fire protection

FibroTech's panels have fireproof properties, which are essential for fire protection of structures. In order to securely evacuate people from a building it is important to have a high melting point and a low smoke concentration.

All our products are CE marked and at meet the fire requirements for fire class Bs 1, d0.

White ceilings

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FibroTech Basic (wood wool 1.5 mm) 25 mm plate thickness of 5 mm. fas

Dimension: 600 × 1200 x 25 mm (0.72 m²)

Tun no. 1838883

Number / pll .: 80

Price: Pr. panel